Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Glory In Death

Since there is no sign of life in the cold of the grave
No glory in death for even those who died brave
Their brave deeds from the memory may take some time to fade
But they are sadly absent when in their honour a parade
How great is life so very great that is how it seems to me
I would rather live one of the unsung than die in bravery
Who would not rather walk in the park and hear the wild birds sing
When Nature is in full bloom on a nice day in Spring
With pink to white blooms on the fruit bearing tree
No greater gift than the gift of life would you not agree
On a sunny and pleasant evening of twenty degrees
With the sweet scent of peppercorn wafting in the breeze
I would rather be living as a stranger to fame
Than be a dead hero with a revered name.

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