Monday, February 13, 2012

On The passing Of Willie Neenan

Sad the news of the passing of the legendary athlete
Surely the greatest ever in the green of Millstreet
Against the best in Ireland and the World with success he did compete
Yet despite his fame and success he was one without conceit

The marvellous Willie Neenan he was a mighty man
In more than sixty years of running in thousands of races he ran
So humble in his many victories and gracious in defeat
Every time he lined up at the starting line he was the one to beat

A tragic loss to his siblings Jenny and John D, his daughters and to Marie his good wife
His family and running were the great loves of his life
With a World Championship medal from San Juan where he raced to renown
One who was known to many thousands of miles from Millstreet Town

He deserves more than this simple rhyme for to honour his great name
He let his performances do the talking the one who scaled the heights of fame
He won Cork, Munster and Irish Championships and competed against the World's best
The one never found for to be wanting when he was put to the test

He competed in thousands of races on roadway, cross country and track
He trained on the steep Bealac road and ran to Clara's Cross and back
Home to Ballydaly on the Millstreet - Rathmore road
Without any sign of running stress like a fleet gazelle he strode

Sad to learn of Willie Neenan that his gift of life from him has gone
A renowned Duhallow athlete his legend will live on
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's his last remains do lay
For each and everyone of us a final night and day.

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