Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Many Voices Of Australia

So many voices of Australia the drone of the didgeridoo
The soft whistles of the shy wombat the cough of the gray kangaroo
The cries of the long bill corella the harsh squawks of the white cockatoo
The mimicking songs of the lyrebird the calls of the dark brown weerloo
The grunting of the male koala on high branch of manna gum tree
The cackling calls of kookaburra familiar to many and to me
The soft piping notes of rosella  the magpie with the flute like song
And once heard not to be mistaken the call of the pied currawong
The wattlebirds known by their chackling the familiar call of the pee wee
The shrike thrush you know by his whistles though he is not hard for to see
The unmistakeable howling of the dingoes out hunting in the moonlight
And the barn owls and possums and boobooks lend their voices to the Australian night
Familiar to so many Aussies the voices one cannot get wrong
The voices of the fair dinkum Australians and to Australia they belong.

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