Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Those Who Have Love In Them To Give

Of far more of their sort of people the Human World is in need
Those who have love in them for to give have a great gift indeed
If there were more of them in the World there would be less wars to fight
And towns reduced to rubble by bombings would become a rare sight
Than that war leads to peace there is no greater lie
Where mistrust and hatred that leads to conflict is the flower of peace die
People who live in war zones live in Earthly Hell
There are never winners in war as we all know too well
They have a wonderful gift with others for to share
But those with love in them for to give sad to say are quite rare
The sort of people we ought to celebrate
Since love and joy and harmony they do strive to create
The unsung heroes and heroines of every State
To those who have love in them to give this rhyme i dedicate.

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