Sunday, February 5, 2012

When Sheila Does Speak

When i say my children and grandchildren have known it far easier that i have i only say what is true
But for their achievements in life credit must be their due
Though of opportunities in their young years they were never denied
Their achievements bring to me and my husband great satisfaction and pride

My son in law a successful fellow he owns his own plane
In the U S the land of opportunity in hard work there is gain
And my husband from a talented musical family of a Worldly fame
He has made his own fortune and his is widely known name

As for me one can say i came up the hard way
In my younger years for me never an easy pay
By far northern hills i first saw light of day
And that i had to work hard for my life achievements would seem fair to say

Far north of this great Country the U S of A
In my childhood place i did not wish to stay
I migrated to England when i was a teen
The tougher sides of life i have known of and seen

Yes nothing in life did come easy to me
I worked as a maid towards my nursing degree
In the U S i worked and studied for my Doctorate in Psychology
I had to do it the hard way would you not agree

A good mother and grandmother and to a good man a good wife
And one who has been hugely successful despite her hard life
In life she would not have succeeded if in will she were weak
And one has to listen when Sheila does speak.

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