Monday, April 30, 2012

A Joy For To Meet

The happy person is quite popular his or her friends in numbers do grow
Whilst the sad one leads the life of a loner one that few wish for to know
Why people are attracted to happy people to undestand not a hard thing
Since happiness does seem infectious of the praises of gloom who could sing
On Liebig Street i met a fellow with a happy smile on his face
And everyone on the street did seem to know him the happiest man in the place
People like him are always popular the gift of joy they seem to sow
I envy them what i do not have and that is their rare inner glow
A happy young man in his twenties his type are a joy for to meet
And understandable why everyone liked him since he spread joy around Liebig Street
The happy person is quite popular one who never seems short of a friend
And that happiness can be infectious should not be hard to comprehend
He carried his gift of happiness with him and spread it around Liebig Street
Such people are always quite popular since they are a joy for to meet.

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