Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Memories Of April

I see them in flights of fancy the dappled wild born trout
In pool bed of the river go darting in and out
Of the safety of the water reeds the moment they do spy
Dark shadows on the water of humans passing by
An image from my young years of places far away
That perhaps will be with me until my dying day
An image to re-visit in nostalgic moods again
The past may be gone forever but memories of it we retain
When wildflowers are in the old fields and the nesting wild birds sing
And cattle out of wintering sheds on lush grass in April in the Spring
Even when it is raining no coldness in the breeze
And new green cloaks of deciduous leaves are on the deciduous trees
And pink blooms on the crab apple tree are beautiful to see
When memories of April in mental images come to me.

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