Thursday, April 26, 2012

On William Henry Davies

When William Henry Davies had part of his leg amputated after jumping off of a train
He got on with life one who did not complain
The cruel luck that was his lot when in his life's prime
Did not prevent him from becoming a literary legend of his time

With one good and partly wooden leg he had to live his life
But this did not prevent him of getting a wife
He lived on to become a literary figure of note
Lionized in his time as a World renowned poet

Of the beauty around him one fully aware
He wrote of the beautiful minds free of care
He wrote of the beauty in Nature he see
The mind that is happy is poverty free

True greatness of the man cannot be denied
The ex tramp who did become known Worldwide
More than seven decades deceased but his poems read and enjoyed by many today
A literary legend of him one can say.

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