Friday, April 20, 2012

Street Pigeons

Street pigeons are descended from rock doves  they perch and roost and preen on roofs and ledges of the big buildings of the town
It is in their d n a for them to live in the way they do from their ancestors in their genes to them passed on down
By sight or sound they are quite recognizable a deep sort of throaty guttural sound they make
In towns and cities where they do live known to many from other birds them one should not mistake
Like rock doves mostly greenish blue to gray though they can be of many colors from interbreeding it does seem this way
In  parks and malls on the ground for food searching urban people do see them every day
Some people complain with their nesting twigs and droppings that they deface their buildings but street pigeons have far more friends than foes
Some even do feed them their food left-overs in life you win some and you lose some one suppose
Like all things of life  street pigeons remain close to their nature they are birds not born for to perch on trees
All things in Nature do live in their own way they do vary to varying degrees
The ways of Nature truly are amazing her wonders many and her secrets are not few
And every day we marvel at her wonders and of her ways we learn something new
We can even learn from the lives of street pigeons if they could speak such stories they could tell
Of how they love to live on urban buildings and feel at home where noisy people dwell.

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