Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Her Great Gift Of Faith

She goes to the cemetery every day
And kneel at the grave of her dead husband and pray
That to re-unite with him her soul it will fly
Up to god's kingdom way beyond the sky

Though she could not bear him children with her he did stay
And remained faithful to her till his life's final day
In each other in life they had found their soulmate
And she believes that he waits for her by heaven's gate

One might say of her she has known a better day
In her early sixties her once brown hair is gray
Free of any conceit she is ageing with grace
With the warmth of kindness in her beautiful face

Her husband died in his mid sixties of heart failure a few years ago
Without him she feels lonely she misses him so
But she is convinced that in heaven for her he does wait
How marvellous indeed is her great gift of faith

For forty years he was her soulmate in life
And she believes they will live again as man and wife
She believes when she draws her last breath that her soul will fly
To join him in god's kingdom way beyond the sky.

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