Saturday, May 12, 2012

If All Employers Were Honest

If all employers were honest and treated their workers right
The workers would not need unions for them to fight
But people do abuse their power or so it does seem this way
And some employers cheat their workers out of money in every pay

Many workers in their working lives fall victim of employers greed
Which is surely one good reason why workers unions workers do need
Where one person takes advantage of another mistrust does reign supreme
Exploitation gives rise to unionism this is how it does seem

Exploitation gives rise to unionism this is not a lie
If there were not any rogue employers unionism it would die
Most employers are trustworthy it is the dishonest few
Who gives life to unionism am i not saying what is new

If all employers were honest how marvellous this would be
Since mistrust between people is based on dishonesty
I tell it as i see it this is how it seems to me
This is my humble opinion though with that you may not agree.

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