Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mick From Donegal

I do have my life struggles but compared to Mick from Donegal
I do not have it that hard my problems seem quite small
Re-united with his young son and daughter and his long suffering wife
His addiction to the demon drink did all but ruin his life

For to save his health and marriage he gave the grog away
A man of courage and will power of Michael one can say
He is an unsung hero a person to inspire
One of such will power and courage is not hard to admire

Perhaps in his late thirties a handsome looking bloke
A witty and a humorous man he laughs loud at a joke
His alcohol addiction had his finances and health under attack
From the very brink of suicide he made the big comeback

A man who has known life's battle a man who has slept rough
In his battle against alcohol he has proved good enough
That he has not tasted alcohol for a year great credit he is due
A man that to his higher self has found his way to be true

A handsome brown haired fellow around two metres tall
A man who fought and beat the odds brave Mick from Donegal
He came back from an all time low alcohol was his downfall
When courage was needed in his life he did answer the call.

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