Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Music Of The Curlew

A pleasant sound that to my mind remains ever near
The pipe of the curlew i fancy i hear
O'er Matty Owens bog on a calm morning in May
By the River Finnow from here far away

The song of the curlew a beautiful thing
To me once a familiar voice of the Spring
Above his nesting borders he pipes as he fly
His clear flute like notes in the calm morning sky

Where the rushes and bracken in clusters do grow
In the home of the brown hare and silver back crow
To such places that often inspired me to rhyme
In memory i go back the Seasons of time

The music of the curlew so flute like and clear
Above the brown bog in the Spring of the year
A voice that for decades with one does remain
That in flights of fancy one does hear again

On a calm morning in May by the River Finnow
In a nearby field the soft lowing of a cow
And the flute like notes of the curlew echoes in the sky
Above his nesting borders he pipes as he does fly.

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