Sunday, May 20, 2012

When The Pied Currawongs Are Calling

Their notes are not unpleasant quite distinctive and clear
But when the pied currawongs are calling you know that rain is near
Dark crow sized birds with yellow eyes to many quite well known
They seldom mix with other birds they do flock with their own
If they can they will plunder the nests of smaller birds to the pied currawong a treat
Is a tiny pink skinned nestling to their taste buds tasty to eat
Most bird lovers do not like them where in large numbers they abound
Smaller birds will not nest or stay they seek a new homeground
The day is warm and sunny not a gray cloud in the blue sky
And the pied currawongs are calling as from tree to tree they fly
Karra karra wong they sing aloud over and again
Nature's weather forecasters are telling us of rain
In the clear blue sky the sun shines warm on a pleasant Autumn day
But the pied currawongs are calling to tell us rain is not far away.

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