Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Do Love Those Old Songs And Ballads

The sound of pop and rock songs on my hearing heavy i find them to say the least shrill
I do love those very old ballads as timeless as the mountain rill
That babbles on down to the river with silver tongue that's never still
Along by the ditches and hedgerows from it's birthplace the lake by the hill
Old ballads that may live on forever they do not seem to have a use by date
That are sung in pubs and clubs Worldwide and wherever revellers congregate
To celebrate joyous occasions the old songs with joy they do sing
The sweet sound of something old loved and familiar to it has a beautiful ring
I do love those old songs and ballads on them they do not have a use by date
They are sung by people when happy when in the mood to celebrate
They have lived on through many Seasons since they were born many years gone
They have outlived the longest lived of people they just seem to keep living on
I do love those old songs and ballads i have loved them since i was a boy
They bring to life in me fond memories and hearing them a thing of joy.

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