Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Olinda Today

The rain falling in drizzle the sky gloomy gray
Above high wooded Olinda on a cold Winter's day
A cold breeze is soughing in the eucalypt trees
A forecast high for the day of a cold five degrees
One of the coldest parts in Winter in Australia it does seem this way
The sun will not shine in Olinda today
One of the birds one does hear every day of the year
The voice of the magpie always pleasant to hear
And a bird quite familiar in his distinctive song
The pee wee of the magpie lark one could never get wrong
In the rank grass that fringes the water filled drain
The tiny frogs sing in the drizzling rain
And feathers drenched from the rain on a branch of a tree
The kookaburra calls to proclaim territory.

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