Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John Masefield The Man Who Wrote Stories In Rhyme

He led a life of adventure when he was in his prime
John Masefield the man who wrote stories in rhyme
At writing of long narrative poetry in a class of his own
The proof of his greatness his legend in death has grown

England's former Poet Laureate died as an old man
He lived for four score and eight in years quite a long human span
His name lives as one of great literary note
One worthy of the title of a major poet

He wrote long poems and short poems and many a rhyming play
The best of British of him one might say
The poet from Ledbury with words had a way
His marvellous rhyming verse is still popular today

Some of his short poems i learned as a primary going schoolboy
And reading his poetry i still do enjoy
In his lifetime he received many an accolade
It is true about poets they are born not made.

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