Friday, June 8, 2012

Mary From Macroom

The wildflowers of Nature are now in full bloom
In the fields of mid Cork by the Town of Macroom
Where old Sullane River with a babble in it's flow
Moves through the lush green fields by ditch and hedgerow

Though from her first homeplace in Macroom Mary lives far away
I do not feel homesick she is known to say
My love for Warrnambool seems to grow every day
And in coastal South West Victoria i will grow old and gray

With twin two year old daughters one who does love life
To a good Aussie fellow she is a good wife
In her early twenties with blue eyes and hair of dark brown
When she lived in Macroom she was Rose of the Town

In Lake Pertobe Park playground every saturday and sunday
She and her husband watch their children at play
Far south of her first homeplace near the Town of Macroom
Where the wildflowers of Nature are now in full bloom.

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