Friday, July 13, 2012

A Few Things In Common

A few things in common all people do share
That goes for the pauper and the billionaire
The poor of the World can say life's unfair
But we are all born to die and we breathe the same air

Though even amongst human kind no such a thing as equality
In some respects all other life forms in ways equal to me
In that they too are born into life for to die
I speak here of fact and fact never lie

In the Human World money speaks every language as some like to say
This never more relevant than in the World of today
But from the Reaper of lives you cannot buy eternal life with money and  gold
The one who claims the lives of the wealthy and poor and the young and the old

The praises of money many like to  sing
And though it can buy one a lot it cannot buy everything
It cannot buy the one who on all lives has the final say
Since everybody is born for to die one day.

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