Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Birdsland Today

The high paddocks of South Belgrave are looking green
As healthy looking as they ever have been
The  currawong calling rain not far away
And the magpies are singing in Birdsland today

The overcast sky it is looking quite gray
We've  not had much sunshine since the end of May
The dark welcome swallows near to the grass fly
Still the weather is pleasant enough for July

The weather forecast tells of  more heavy rain
And brown stormwater flowing in every drain
Yet the weather not cold it is fifteen degrees
And the voice of the pee wee carrying in the breeze

Mid Winter in the  south is a green time of year
And with each passing day the  calendar Spring near
Not cold for  the Season 'twould seem fair to say
And the magpies are singing in Birdsland today.

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