Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sandra And Freddy

One would have to go back some five  decades in time
Since Freddy the Dancer was in his prime
But for his age he  is lively and on his feet light
And at the bowls club on saturday he dances all night

With his beloved Sandra his  long term wife
Fifty one years of marriage their contract for life
With seven great grandchildren they have seen a better day
But for octogenarians they are doing quite okay

Freddy and Sandra have their claim to renown
As the finest dancing pair ever in the town
To everybody in the town they are well known
In their decades of dancing their legends have grown

The grayness of time may be in the hair
Of Sandra and Freddy the Dancer the marvellous pair
With people half of  their age on the dance floor they compete
And  time has not left them with leaden like feet.

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