Monday, July 16, 2012

Say Nothing At All

If you only have negative things of one to say
It might be best if you keep your tongue at bay
Many who do lack in wisdom of mind
To judge without thinking seem far too inclined
'Tis easy in words for to run others down
And demonize them as the crims of the town
The words judge and thou shalt be judged to you too does apply
And in your words if  the right to a fair go one you do deny
Some negative Karma for yourself you do sow
That what goes  around comes around you ought to know
Judgemental people as you are  i don't look forward to meet
But there are others like you who do live on your street
The words of a wise one may do you well to recall
If you do not have nice things to say of one say nothing at all.

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