Sunday, July 8, 2012

That Is How It Ought To Be

Many believe in a heaven somewhere in the sky
Where when they draw their last breath their soul to will fly
To the Kingdom of God  way beyond the stars
Way beyond the Planets of Venus and Mars

Though since to an invisible god i am not one who pray
Of the existence of such a place is not for me to say
But each to their own belief is how it seems to me
At least anyway that is how it ought to be

'Tis only the praises of Nature that i choose to sing
And of her four Seasons Summer, Autumn,Winter and Spring
Her beauty is visible and easy to see
Everywhere i turn to look it is all around me

I respect them for their faith those who believe in the unknown
But like  as is said to each their own
And whether i am buried or my last remains to ashes will burn
My Goddess is Nature and  to her i will return.

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