Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Should I Even Care

Though i never was what one would call an athlete
Nowadays i am even slower on my feet
Yes even far slower than i was a decade ago
But time eventually becomes everyone's foe

Perhaps 'tis not by Cashman's Hill my last remains  will lay
But that is not a worry to me anyway
All i ask from life is a painless release
The lifeless body anywhere does rest in peace

I am close to four decades past my life's prime
And my ageing body is  feeling the wear of time
In the Autumn of my life my best years long gone
But i enjoy living and i want to live on

For as long as i can live since i know  i must die
Since immortality for human kind is surely a lie
The great gift of life the greatest gift of all
We've been learning from it before we've learned how to crawl

When the heart that beats in me by death rendered still
I may not be laid to rest by Cashman's old hill
But since post death of  feelings one is not aware
Where my remains rest why should i even care.

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