Friday, September 14, 2012

His Bit On The Side

He tells his wife he's on company business in Bali and  that is not much fun
Whilst he lay on a beach with his mistress enjoying the warmth of the sun
And in the evening after dinner in their hotel room they enjoy a bottle  of good wine
And after that what does happen your guess it is as good as mine

Whilst she at home takes care of their children a boy of four and a girl of  three
Unaware of his unfaithfulness to her how naive  some women can be
Some men their extra marital affairs from their wives are good to hide
And he is living life to the fullest and enjoying his bit on the side

His mistress who knows he  is married a beautiful brunette in her life's prime
In Bali she is only with him for  to enjoy a good time
And for as long as money on her he is ready and willing to spend
To him she will be a bit more than a mere platonic friend

They go for a swim in the afternoon in the warmth of the tropical day
And together on the beach for an hour they do lay
He will go home to his wife and children with a healthy looking deep suntan
But of his  unfaithfulness to her she will not suspect her man

Some women can be quite gullible and not very hard to deceive
He told  his wife he was going to Bali on company business and him she  did  believe
At twilight he walks hand  in hand on the beach with his lover with the sea at low tide
And later after a few drinks  he enjoys his bit on the side.

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