Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lady Luck Is On His Side

One can say of him he's a hard one to scare
As he is  one  who has taken many a dare
But luck is on his side he is lucky indeed
As he drives on narrow country roads at far too fast a speed

He swims in dangerous deep waters where great white sharks abound
Near where danger is present he  is to be found
From risking his life a strange sort of pleasure he does gain
And lady luck with him does ever remain

The young man who does not know  the  meaning of fear
He feels quite happy to be where danger to him is near
Some say he will not live to grow old and  gray
Though lady luck with him continues to stay

We need luck for survival as some  like to say
And the one who dices with death every day
Is one who does not know the meaning of dread
Without lady luck by now  he would be dead

He has never been involved in an accident at least not so far
Though on narrow country roads he drives too fast in his  car
And in deep shark infested waters he often does swim
He is  lucky that lady luck remains with him.

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