Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Many Are Into Self Promotion

With a smaller ego some of us would be nicer people at least that's how to me it does seem
But some  say those who do have a small ego do suffer of low self esteem
Many are into self promotion nowadays it does seem the in thing
It does seem for to be successful your own praises you have to sing
When i was a boy self praise was seen to be boasting but now it is seen as quite okay
A different World i was raised in than the World i live in today
It is not a nice Human World to live in where fame and success comes from obsessive greed
Where self praise is seen as quite normal by many who yearn in life to succeed
If self promotion is not seen as boasting then boasting how can one define?
But then that one  chooses to place themselves above others should not be  any business of mine
Yet things have changed much since i was a schoolboy and that was a long time ago
And many nowadays believe the one who cannot bring him or herself to part-take in boasting are those who are their own foe
Some of us would be nicer with small egos though self praise nowadays is the in thing
And it does seem for to become successful your own praises you have to sing.

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