Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Loves

Some loves do last a lifetime and some  loves end in tears
And the  loveache of lost love can linger on for years
And the love that's fastest to bloom is usually first to die
That every love is born to last is surely based on a lie
Though everyone hopes  to find lasting true  love all do not succeed
And those who find their love soulmate are quite lucky indeed
And though the praises of love the masses love to sing
Love can have it's downside and can be a hurtful thing
And nothing does seem sadder than an old  love in decay
An ageing pair in love years ago who now quarrel night and day
The attraction that gives rise to love started before the first kiss
And true  love at it's pinnacle is a feeling of sheer bliss
But love  can have it's downside as some all know too well
And the loveache of lost love is life  in earthly hell.

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