Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That Money Speaks Every Language

He is far from the best looking ageing man in the town
And it has  been awhile since his hair was natural brown
But he walks hand  in hand with a blond haired young Rose
Money speaks every language one would have to suppose

Four times divorced and ten times a grand-dad
As women go for himself he has not done bad
His latest lover in her mid twenties is in her life's prime
He wines and dines her and gives her a good time

Old father time on him does keep ticking on
Well into his seventies his best days long gone
With brown hair dye he does cover his gray
And though he may be ageing he does not feel that way

That money speaks  every language not hard to understand
With his beautiful young woman he walks hand in hand
For his years he looks sprightly for to give him his due
That money speaks  every language happens to be true.

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