Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Extraordinary Man

From where he does live hardly a launching pad to renown
The extraordinary man in the ordinary town
Quite a talented artist his type of person rare
No artist for  miles around with him to compare

By locals one who is not referred to as one of our own
And  though born and raised locally by locals not that well known
In the country town football is the in thing
And  the praises of football players many like to sing

Were he as good at football as he is at art him they would celebrate
And he would be admired as special and  great
On saturday when others are watching football he is in the park by the bay
Sketching flora and  fauna on a nice sunny day

He now does realize his future is elsewhere
That wealth and fame awaits him in the big World out there
In kilometres distant from the ordinary town
The extraordinary man will know of artistic renown.

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