Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Are What We Are

We are what we are with that would you agree
The monarch and  president born to die like you and me
For this thing known as success with each other we compete
For our sense of self esteem which can lead to self conceit
But since we are mere mortals why otherwise pretend
Success and failure will not matter to us at the end
Of our life's journey on some future night or day
On our lives the egalatarian reaper has the final say
And  though we may fear the reaper the reaper treats everyone fair
The one who does not differentiate between the lives of the pauper and the billionaire
The wealthy and famous in one way no different to you and i
In that one day or night they are destined to die
We live in the now and yesterday gone
And the clock on our lives ever ticks  on and on.

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