Friday, December 14, 2012

Jack London

He even daydreamed of adventure as a young child
And as a young man Jack London he followed the call of the wild
He went to the Yukon where men mined for gold
His books of adventure millions of copies have sold

Since the days of Jack London many Seasons have gone
But in death his legend it is living on
He wrote stories of wild creatures and places and of the adventurous kind
Travel lit the flame of genius in his brilliant mind

Jack London was one who with words had a way
There is no one who write stories like he did today
For stories of adventure he was famous and known
Jack London he was in a class of his own

To millions of people Jack London brought joy
His stories stirred the lust for adventure in many a boy
His legend in his writings is living today
A writer amongst writers as some like to say.

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