Monday, August 4, 2014

Chesterton And Belloc

Poets of those who love rollicking rhyme
Chesterton and Belloc their legacy lives on in time
Their marvelous verses are popular today
With words they were poets who did have a way

Chesterton and Belloc in their writing sometimes did combine
Between them they penned many a memorable line
They were famous writers in Seasons long gone
And though long deceased their legends live on

Belloc's Cautionary Tales humorous words in rhyme is verse at it's best
By the Rhyming Goddess he must have been blessed
A talented, humorous and quite a clever man
The wisdom and wit in his written words have long outlived his life span

From the pen of Chesterton beautiful rhyme it did flow
In death his status and legend as a poet does grow
His great poem The Rolling English Road is in literary renown
In his lifetime one toasted in many a town

As writers they are held in the highest esteem
Chesterton and Belloc were poets supreme
They remain as the masters of humor in rhyme
And their verses have withstood the great test of time.

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