Thursday, August 7, 2014

I May Never Again

I may never again see the white waves splash on the rocks of Hibernia's shore
And hear the lark sing on a Spring day high over Clara above Claramore
And hear the dipper in the river singing his unmistakeable song
A water bird once seen and once heard that one never again does get wrong
In far fields i grew to love Nature when i was a very young boy
I loved her then as i love her now and learning of her ways i enjoy
And from Nature we never stop learning  we learn from her every day
I learn from the magpies and pee wees as i walk in the park by the bay
My stay on this Planet will be a brief stay but Nature she keeps living on
The wild birds will chirp, sing and whistle when the breath of life from me has gone
The book of life is such a great book i learn something new every day
In life we do never stop learning as the wise one has been known to say
I learned my first lessons in Nature far north of the home of the emu and roo
Far north of the woods of the wombat and the yellow tail black cockatoo.

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