Thursday, August 21, 2014


How sad very sad for some life can be
Old jane is a woman i often do see
Walking on the street or the town park and always on her own
Far better and happier days in her life she has known

Six years ago by the Reaper of lives of happiness she was denied
When her husband of fifty years Joe of cancer died
Her soul mate in life she thinks of him every day
Though her grief it has lessened in time from her it has not gone away

The only child their marriage brought them a daughter with her husband has two adult sons in a far away town
They do live far north a thousand miles road journey by car up and down
And poor grey haired Jane who is aging with grace
Has the look of sadness on her wrinkled face

Though she lives on her own far from her family
She looks healthy and well for one of eighty three
But until the day she will die she will miss her husband Joe
Whose life's journey ended some six years ago.

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