Friday, August 8, 2014

Paddy McCarthy Of Rowels

Paddy McCarthy of Rowels was a noble young man
Whose life was cut short in his youthful elan
From the bullet of a gun fired by a Black and Tan
Going back more than nine decades in time quite a span

That he was a brave fellow of him cannot be denied
In the darkness of night in Millstreet Town he died
From a bullet through one of his eyes that shattered his brain
In a gun fight with the Black and Tans in old Mill View Lane

A Duhallow hero of Ireland's War of  Independence he never lived to see
Of British occupation his beloved Country free
His rendezvous with death in Mill View Lane his life's destiny
But sadly he paid a huge price for his bravery

He did not live to join in the celebrations when self Government was won
But his mother in him gave birth to a brave son
That we are born as mortals surely not a lie
But he loved his Country enough for it for to die

In Millstreet Town in a gunfight in old Mill View Lane
He died from the bullet of a Tan gun that shattered his brain
For the love of his Country with his life he did pay
But his legend lives on in Duhallow today.

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