Monday, August 4, 2014

Scotland The Free

Will Scotland The Brave become Scotland the free
If this will come about this will not be by bloodshed but by democracy
To break away from England and the Government of the Throne
The Scottish in September will vote for to go it alone
Usually independence for a Nation does come at a huge cost
But if the Scottish do vote for independence no lives will be lost
Over independence for Nations much human blood has been shed
And families are left for to mourn for their dead
If the Scottish do not vote for independence from Britain Scottish Nationalists about this will feel bad
But at least in a peaceful way an opportunity for self Government they will have had
But who knows the Scottish Nationalists may well win the day
For everything comes to those who do wait as the wise one does say
And Scotland The Brave will become Scotland The Free
But the good thing there will not be bloodshed and death whatever the results will be.

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