Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Traveler

By this time tomorrow he will be far away
In the old country town he has lived his stay
The lust of the wander is in his young mind
Not for him the life of the settled kind

Of marriage and raising children of such ties he is free
In the big World out there so many places to see
In his twenty second year and in his life's prime
He surely is one who on his side has time

Many a freeway and highway he has driven up and down
Two months a long stay for him in any town
In every town he works for his living pay
He earns his money for traveling in the honest way

Of women in his life he has had more than a few
And in every town he stays in he meets someone new
Some of the young women he has made love to hoped to become his wife
But the responsibility of marriage would not suit his type of life

Tomorrow morning early in the faint light of the dawning gray
To the nearest big town he will be on his way
Every road he drives on does take him to elsewhere
So much for him to see in the big World out there.

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