Saturday, October 1, 2016

All One Does Have Are Memories

All one does have are memories good or bad of the past
And time does not wait and the clock ticking fast
Today a mother gives birth to a daughter or son
And tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone

Many destined to live poor due to birth circumstance
Of any success in life they do stand little chance
Every waking day for them a new challenge for to meet
Life is never easy on Poverty Street

There are millions of hungry and homeless people in the big World out there
But to meet a poverty stricken person you need not travel to elsewhere
Near where you live there are people who are doing it quite tough
On the poorest of poor diets and living and sleeping rough

If everybody were equal there would not be poverty
We would not have the homeless and hungry and the refugee
But for a few to grow very wealthy many grow poorer life is designed in this way
And this in itself seems a sad thing to say

In a Human World where a few own the majority of the wealth something that does not seem right
Millions are sleeping without shelter tonight
For the poor and the hungry and homeless and the refugee
How sad very sad life for them it must be.

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