Monday, October 3, 2016

An October Sunday In Warrnambool

On Sunday the second of October the weather calm and cool
The rain drizzling down on the streets of Warrnambool
Most of the shops are closed the sky gloomy and gray
On the coastal City the sun is not shining today
Warrnambool is known as a breezy City with a sunny face
But despite a few cars on the street today it is a quiet place
On Kepler Street at the corner of Timor a quiet side of the Town
The water drains flowing and the rain drizzling down
But the rain it is needed in mid Spring of the year
As the longer warmer days of Summer to the south west draw near
When holiday makers will flock to the coastal City and business owners will do a brisk trade
In Summer by them the most of their yearly profit is made
Today it is raining and the weather is calm and cool
And the sun is not shining in old Warrnambool.

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