Sunday, October 9, 2016

Such A Joy To Be Living

Such a joy to be living on this nice sunny Spring day
A freshening breeze blowing up through Illowa from the sea at Gorman's Bay
The coastal countryside looking green and healthy after the recent Spring showers
And the paddocks look resplendent cloaked in yellow cape flowers
It does highlight Nature's beauty Spring sunshine after recent rain
The farmers are feeling happy without reason to complain
Cattle chewing their cuds are resting in the cool shade of the trees
On a nice day in October Of a weather high of twenty degrees
The warbling of the white backed magpie who sings every day of the year
And the familiar song of the gold billed blackbird always a joy for to hear
Beauty it is all around me on this nice day in the Spring
Grass lush and green and wildflowers blooming Nature is an amazing thing
Illowa is at her finest so much natural beauty to be seen
The gift of rain is more than welcome it has left the country looking green.

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