Wednesday, October 5, 2016

That The World Is Not Lacking In Judgmental People

That the World is not lacking in judgmental people there is not any doubt
And why worry of what their sort of you say about
As they only derive pleasure on verbally even putting good people down
And so many of them on your side of the town

Since the praises of others their sort never sing
Just carry on with living and do your own thing
You work hard for a living and your bills you do pay
So why worry what negative people of you have to say

It is natural for to like to be liked but it makes for better sense
To pay no heed to words meant for to cause you offense
It looks like you are their put down person of the day
But tomorrow of someone else they will have unkind things to say

As one of a different way in thinking to many you have become known
As has often been said it is each to their own
And though negative comments of others is something anyone does not need
For your future good karma just keep on planting the good seed.

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