Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Now Is All That Does Really Matter

The now is all that does really matter though in memory we are linked to years ago
Time as is said is our master and eventually becomes our foe
Today we can only live in yesterday in the forever gone
Midnight will see in tomorrow and the clock keeps ticking on
The aging person will tell you time goes quickly it only seems like yesterday
That at lunch break in the schoolyard with their young friends they did play
Though this is going back many Seasons years before they reached their physical prime
Only in our gift of memory we can go back far in time
The now is all that does really matter since we cannot alter the past
As we speak even in the moment our biological clocks are ticking fast
Learn as we live as the old saying goes this the best that we can do
This applies to everybody and everybody includes me and you
The now is all that really matter on looking back time seems to fly
Of what was we have only memories and to all this does apply.

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