Thursday, February 23, 2017

As I Do Well Remember

Though i had known of better days i did have dreams to follow
It was my yearn for adventure that lured me from Duhallow
To this great southern Country of many different races
Of different Countries of the World and many different places

A vast Country that for it's size is not overpopulated
It's first people of the Dreamtime in history celebrated
Land of the wombat and kangaroo and eucalyptus, waratah and wattle
Fauna and flora of the southern Land long before Europeans brought their sheep and cattle

I left Duhallow years ago as i do well remember
When the Boggeraghs were in their hats of snow on a cold day in December
The cold wind howled in the naked trees light rain from the gray clouds falling
Just a memory of the past to most not worth recalling

When Nature's creatures call aloud there always is a reason
In bare deserted fields the rooks were cawing for them a hungry Season
The cattle in the farmyard sheds for hay or silage did bellow
Old memories linger of the past in the aging migrant fellow

When i left Duhallow years ago swollen streams and rivers bank high flowing
And from the snow hatted Boggeragh Hills the wintry winds were blowing
I left Millstreet Town on the Rosslare bus on that bleak evening in December
Rain drizzling from the darkening sky as i do well remember.

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