Thursday, February 23, 2017

Child Of The Lesser God

Her mum and dad behind prison bars one of the city's down-trod
She walks the street in shabby clothes child of the lesser god
A child prostitute at thirteen years her only means to stay alive
Some of her sort to adulthood are not known to survive
She only knows of poverty as many do due to birth circumstance
Like many of her sort in life of success she stands little chance
She has no one to comfort her when she feels moved to tears
Without love on the loveless street a girl of thirteen years
Her future is not looking good at least this is how it does seem
The way she is obliged to live cannot help her self esteem
Many of her older clients take advantage of her and for sex refuse to pay
It is sad to think that one of her age has to live in this way
There is a god for the wealthy and a god for the down-trod
She walks the street in tattered clothes child of the lesser god.

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