Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rhyme Used To Be Quite Popular

You do not have to tell me it is not hard to pen rhyme
Since people have been doing it over centuries of time
Rhyme is not poetry the twenty first century literary critics say
And the literary minded respect to their opinions do pay
Suppose rhyme like most things it did have it's day
And that few things in time last it does seem this way
And in literature the passing of time change with it has brought about
Blank verse it has become the in thing and rhyme it is out
Few things in life ever do seem to last
Even in literature the changes keep happening fast
The fact is time brings with it changes and fact never lie
And like people the in thing of today it will die
Rhyme used to be quite popular many decades ago
And that it could have a rebirth well may be so.

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