Sunday, February 5, 2017

Terrorism Is Fundamentalism Out Of Control

Terrorism is fundamentalism out of control
And a terrorist is one who does not have a soul
To terrorists human life is very cheap
But as is said of us humans what we sow we will reap
Due to terrorists so many life dreams are destroyed
And because of them so many good people maimed for life or have died
And yet they believe they have god on their side
And their murders and mayhem they celebrate in pride
But as is said our wrongs of the past will return to haunt us one day
In life when we do the wrong thing there is a price for to pay
Without provocation terrorists do maim and kill
But if the law does not catch up with them Karma surely will
And what goes around comes around as the wise one does say
What we sow we will reap life works in this way.

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