Thursday, February 9, 2017

Those Of The Lesser God

For the social outsiders the poor and the down trod
And the homeless and the refugees there is a lesser god
And though the babe born to wealthy parents and the babe born into poverty before they walk must crawl
The god for the materially privileged is not the god for all
Those who claim all people are equal are well meaning one can say
But this is not so or never was or never will be this way
Of inequality in the Human World there is not any doubt
There never is a street parade for the financially down and out
The majority of the material wealth is owned by the few
On this you well may say to me do tell us what is new
So many born into poverty of a fair go in life denied
The gods of the poor in Countries Worldwide
As they live they will die as children of the lesser god
The social outsiders the homeless the poor and the down trod.

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