Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Above The Old Rushy Fields

Above the old rushy fields where Finnow is flowing
The chilly freshening winds from the Boggeraghs are blowing
And Blackwater flowing bank high towards the ocean via Mallow
In the calendar Spring in early March in Duhallow
Deciduous trees bare though leaf buds on their branches appearing
A sign that Spring weather to North Cork is nearing
The cattle in Farmyard sheds though Winter supposed to be over
It could well be a month yet before they eat clover
In early March in Duhallow it is often windy and raining
And farmers low in fodder for their cattle of weather complaining
The sun it is hidden in the gray sky heavily clouded
And in the fogs of rain the Boggeraghs are shrouded
The birds not yet nesting or singing and no sign of a swallow
In chilly early March in wet and windy Duhallow.

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