Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For Claraghatlea Near Millstreet Town

For Claraghatlea near Millstreet town i have shed my last tears
For i have not been back there for three decades of years
I retain fond memories of the place where i first saw light of day
And where i grew from a boy to a man before time left me gray
I retain fond memories of the rushy fields near the Town of Millstreet
In view of old Clara's bracken hill where the waterways do meet
Where i first grew to love Nature when i was a young boy
And learning of her ways today to me a source of joy
Claraghatlea just west of Millstreet Town was my first home-place
But where i was known to everyone today mine to most would be a stranger's face
I left there thirty years ago in December's drizzling rain
And the old fields that i used to love i may not see again
The now is what does matter as the wise person does say
And at 12 a m this evening the past will be today.

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